Kristin Isola
Bobby, Polly and The Girls"Finale"
Polly and BobbyPolly, Everett and the Cowboys"Shall We Dance"
Bobby and Polly"Nice Work If You Can Get It"
BobbyZangler and Polly"Entering Nevada"
Zangler and the Girls"Stiff Upper Lip"
The Company"I've Got Rhythm"
Zangler and the Cowboys"I've Got Rhythm"
The Girls"Entering Nevada"
The Girls"Nice Work If You Can Get It"
Bobby and the GirlsIrene and LankPolly and ZanglerLank, Irene and Company Zangler and Lank
Crazy For You

Syracuse University Department of Drama
Director: Brian J. Marcum

Set Design: Emma Antenen
Costume Design: Kristin Isola
Lighting Design: Andrew LiDestri
Photos by: Michael Davis