Kristin Isola
NJ Arts Maven Review Richard III
"Mullins’ decision to dress the actors in modern attire does not detract from the play’s historicity; in fact, it makes it more accessible to a modern audience and points up the fact that attire may change, but human nature does not. Oh, we may not use murder as a political tool anymore, but certainly the ability of words to kill reputations and self-esteem is a pretty good substitute. Kristin Isola is to be commended for the costumes worn by the actors; there is a great deal of black and gray, with touches of burgundy and teal, all the better to show off the blood that flows from the victims’ mouths when they are stabbed or garroted."
New York Times Review for "Abigail's Party"
"Kristin Isola’s costumes evoke the tacky era without mocking it."

New York Times Review of A Doctor in Spite of Himself

"You have never seen a bosom like this one. It begins at the armpits and droops down to the waist, a sort of humpback in reverse. Like any good bosom, it can heave on cue. And its rhythmic flappings signal the kind of lewd-icrous jokes we are in for at the Yale Repertory Theater’s production of Molière’s classic comedy “A Doctor in Spite of Himself.”

"Allen Gilmore, whose physical skill animates both Géronte and his grotesquely dangling belly, swathed in scarlet pantaloons designed by Kristin Fiebig."

"Ms. Fiebig’s work mixes elements of traditional clown costuming with period references and out-and-out whimsy. Lucinde, played by Renata Friedman, gets a hot pink minidress, black lace stockings and leather boots, all visible beneath a floor-length redingote. And Lucinde’s lover, referred to throughout as “that fabulous Mr. Léandre,” is indeed resplendent in the one outfit Moliére might recognize, a velvet and lace number complete with a flourishable chapeau, which Chivas Michael flourishes in grand style."
San Francisco Chronicle Review of A Doctor in Spite of Himself

"It's a visual fun fest, from the ongoing interplay between Matt Saunders' farcical stage and puppet sets and Kristin Fiebig's array of 17th century and silent-film costumes to the puppetry of Renata Friedman." Review of A Doctor in Spite of Himself

"Kristin Fiebig’s costumes are a joy to behold and do much to enhance the hilarity."