Kristin Isola
Dr. Prentice and GeraldineMrs. Prentice and Nicholas BeckettGeraldine and Dr. PrenticeDr. Prentice, Dr. Rance, and Geraldine BarclayDr. Prentice and Sergeant MatchDr. Prentice and Nicholas BeckettSergeant Match and Dr. PrenticeNicholas BeckettGeraldine BarclayDr. Prentice and Geraldine BarclayGeraldine Barclay and Sergeant MatchDr. Prentice and Geraldine BarclayDr. Rance, Mrs. Prentice, and Sergeant MatchDr. Rance and Mrs. PrenticeSergeant MatchDr. Rance and Geraldine BarclayEnsemble
What the Butler Saw
The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
Director: Paul Mullins

Set Design: Brittany Vasta
Costume Design: Kristin Isola
Lighting Design: Tony Galaska
Photos by: Jerry Dalia